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Technology and Innovation

Technology and Innovation

Our innovations are setting the industry's standards

Our cutting-edge technology sets us apart. As early adopters of digital transformation and integration, we drive clients’ sustainable growth with sustainable solutions.


We have a reputation for challenging convention. We design, develop, integrate and industrialize innovations that drive change in our industry, boost productivity and mitigate risk. Our iEPCI™ integrated offering became the subsea industry’s standard and in surface, we are further driving integration combining our systems and solutions with digital. We also leverage external ecosystems, and work with promising start-ups, to further advance technology and innovation at ƹƵapp.

We have four main priorities:

  • Energy transition
  • Emerging materials
  • Digital
  • Industrialization

See examples below on how we are delivering on these priorities:

Subsea 2.0®

Combining new and field-proven technologies, Subsea 2.0® uses smaller, lighter, standardized components to reduce design complexity in subsea projects. With more efficient project delivery from engineering to installation, we optimize performance, reduce costs, and improve sustainability.

Learn more about Subsea 2.0®


From the wellhead to the point of sale, ʰǻܳپDz™ is the modern solution for onshore well pads. Integration and digitalization run through planning, design, installation and optimization – cutting greenhouse gas emissions, time to first oil, capital expenditure, and running costs.

Learn more about ʰǻܳپDz™


We deploy the world’s most advanced work-class ROVs, including the next-generation ұ𳾾Ծ® ROV. Integrating advanced manipulators and exchangeable subsea tools, it reduces task time from hours to minutes. ұ𳾾Ծ® can remain subsea for a month – at up to 4,000 meters.

Learn more about ұ𳾾Ծ®


Our fully integrated dzٱ™ ecosystem gets to first oil faster by doing things differently. We leverage flexible pipe, automation and advanced digital capabilities to deliver greater efficiency with fewer connections making frac pads faster, safer and smarter.

Learn more about dzٱ™

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Pushing innovation in oil and gas


Pushing innovation in oil and gas