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The energy to transform


The energy to transform

A global leader - a world of opportunity

Welcome to ƹƵapp, a leading technology provider to the traditional and new energy industries, delivering fully integrated projects, products, and services.

We are the energy architects. As a global leader in the energy industry, we offer a dynamic and exciting environment in which you will find limitless opportunities to drive real change and contribute to a sustainable future. 

Our Subsea, Surface Technologies, and New Energy offerings challenge conventions and drive change. We innovate and collaborate to identify opportunities for our clients, partners, and people all over the world.

Our people bring their energy to everything they do, every day. Our projects will excite and inspire you. Our career paths will help you explore your capabilities and take you wherever you want to go.

Find the career you have always wanted

All kinds of people with all kinds of skills drive ƹƵapp's success.

Our people work in manufacturing facilities, on vessels, in offices, and in the field, on and offshore.

Whatever role you take on, whatever team you are part of, we are proud to make sure you are in an environment where you will flourish.

Find the place where you belong – today.



We challenge existing technologies and implement world-leading processes and practices at our exceptional manufacturing operations. Strategically located around the world, they ensure efficient delivery of our products, technologies, systems, and services to our clients.

Being part of our manufacturing teams gives you the opportunity to work across our business, potentially traveling the world as you expand your personal and professional horizons.

What is more, we are dedicated to making your time with us meaningful. You will benefit from on-the-job training, apprenticeships, support in further education and more. We will help you build all the knowledge and skills you need to enjoy the career you want.



ƹƵapp’s Subsea business deploys a worldwide fleet to support client projects with reliable assets, people, equipment, and expertise. We have 17 state-of-the-art vessels, specialised in a wide range of field activities. Rigid pipe-lay, diving support, and construction vessels offer a broad portfolio of options to meet project needs with tailored solutions.

More than 2,000 people work on our vessels worldwide, and each of them is key to our success. And so whatever role you take on, whatever team you are part of, we proudly ensure that you’re in an environment where you will flourish.

We have experience in marine operations dating back to the 1970s. Our mission is to provide a global integrated service, deploying our fleet to deliver international client projects. Our vessels are kitted out with technologies such as Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) and flex-lay equipment – and, more importantly, they are crewed by experienced offshore people, who safely and efficiently operate our assets.

We manage a fleet of 30 best-in-class ROVs system,10 flex-lay towers, diving equipment and a plough for trenching activities in the North Sea. All this equipment is completely integrated onboard our vessels, and fully managed by the fleet.



You will find energetic, interactive, and supportive communities of colleagues in our offices, where everyone can find their own best ways to work.

There are individual desks for when you simply want to get your head down. Flexible seating lets you work away from your desk if you need to. Collaborative spaces foster creativity and learning through focused group work, while comfortable lounges help you clear your mind, catch up with colleagues, and find inspiration. We support flexible and hybrid working, so you do not have to be in the office all the time. But when you are there, you will find surroundings that offer everything you need to thrive.

Field Services - Onshore (Surface)

Field Services Onshore Surface

Our global network of onshore service facilities offers fast-paced, dynamic environments at the cutting edge of operations. The exciting roles in our surface operations are where you’ll see our technologies in action, and our service teams working in perfect unison to drill, complete and extract hydrocarbons safely and sustainably.

No matter where you are in our onshore surface landscape, we will give you all the training and skills you need to work in the field. You will be part of an extraordinary team with the knowledge, confidence, and mindset to make sure they get the job done safely and efficiently – first time, every time.

Field Services - Onshore (Subsea)

Field Services Onshore Subsea

A career in onshore subsea services puts you at the heart of our operations. Working from bases around the world, our onshore subsea teams are located near offshore operations in all major offshore basins.

They are the project management, supply chain, procurement, warehouse, logistics, and engineering teams. The workshop technicians and mechanics who mobilize equipment and tools and who keep them running, taking care of necessary recertifications, refurbishment and maintenance. They work with subsea production systems and tooling. Together, they play an integral role in keeping operations running smoothly.

Field Services - Offshore

Field Services Offshore

Working on vessels and rigs, you will be part of an adventurous, challenging, dynamic and, above all, collaborative environment. You will be in a tightly knit, highly skilled international team focused on a common goal – keeping our offshore operations working smoothly and efficiently.

Our technical service personnel are there supporting our clients life of field operations, from equipment installation to plug and abandonment. They facilitate a wide range of operations, such as well interventions, Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) operations and maintenance.

Like everywhere at ƹƵapp, safety is paramount in this offshore environment, and training is rigorous – as well as your standard duties, you’ll be part of fire drills, search and rescue exercises, and more. It all goes towards building the exceptional camaraderie that is an integral part of this team.

Bring your energy to our team

What is your area of expertise? Choose from a career path below to see the opportunities currently available.

And do not forget to come back and check again – we are always looking for talented people to join our team.

Business Development

Business Development and Sales

General Management Administration

Business Support and Administration





Marine Construction

Offshore Marine Construction



R D And New Technologies

R&D and New Technologies



Sourcing And Procurement

Sourcing and Procurement

Subsea Operations

Subsea Operations

Life at ƹƵapp

Why work with us? It is simple, we offer a dynamic and exciting environment with limitless opportunities to accelerate your career.

Don’t take our word for it, hear from our people and read our stories.

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