Nev Carbontransport Storage 1

Greenhouse gas removal

Greenhouse gas removal

Our contributions to greenhouse gas removal begin with carbon transportation and storage (CTS). In CTS, ƹƵapp will safely transport and store carbon dioxide (CO2) by leveraging our existing equipment and integration expertise. Through Subsea Studio™, we have the digital framework to design, execute, and monitor CTS projects from initial concept throughout the life of the field.

Thermoplastic composite pipe and hybrid flexible pipe with Magma

ƹƵapp fully acquired Magma in 2021, having already collaborated on hybrid flexible pipe (HFP) for several years.

Developed for challenging conditions such as those of Brazil’s pre-salt field, HFP combines the corrosion-resistant qualities that carbon fiber and polyether ether ketone (PEEK) bring to Magma’s thermoplastic composite pipe (TCP) with the durability and ease of installation of a flexible pipe.

The result is highly resistant to corrosive gases such as CO2, meaning HFP and TCP may prove to be critical enablers for both CTS and hydrogen transportation as it overcomes one of the greatest challenges faced by both energy transition technologies.