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Subsea processing

Subsea processing

Maximized recovery and accelerated production to improve field economics.

ƹƵapp combines subsea processing and iEPCI™ to unlock future opportunities with improved reservoir performance through the life of the field.

ƹƵapp is leading the industry in providing, installing and servicing subsea processing systems to support operator needs to accelerate and improve field production and economics. We deliver subsea processing solutions in both brownfield and greenfield applications, enabling our clients to overcome the challenges of accessing reserves.

Our capabilities are demonstrated by currently operating projects like: Statoil Tordis, Total Pazflor, Petrobras Marlim, Shell BC-10, Petrobras Cascade Chinook, Shell Perdido, Petrobras Espadarte and most recently LLOG Who Dat and ENI 15/06.

Greater value

Subsea processing systems have been increasingly valued by operators to enhance field economics by maximizing recovery, increasing production and reducing costs. We are the forerunner in delivering subsea processing solutions having successfully installed systems in a broad range of brownfield and greenfield applications worldwide, which has enabled our clients to overcome the challenges of accessing difficult reserves.

In greenfield applications, our systems can enable cost-effective and environmentally friendly platform-less solutions where the field is tied back directly to an existing offshore facility or to shore. In brownfield applications, the system can contribute to increased production and recovery and extend the life of the field with minimal topside modifications.

Strong portfolio

Our broad portfolio extends into separation, pumping and compression to deliver complete solutions to maximize production and lower costs per barrel. Our processing equipment performs in water depths up to 2,500 meters (8,200 feet), in temperatures to 350F and pressures to 15,000 psi.

Full-field integrated approach

Increasing production and lowering costs per barrel

Designing equipment to operate reliably in harsh and challenging subsea environments requires a full-field approach that integrates products and technologies into one system. ƹƵapp brings together industry leading specialists and a broad portfolio of technologies for separation, pumping and compression to maximize production and lower costs per barrel over the life of the field.

Our ability to offer a fully integrated approach through iEPCI™ accelerates schedules, lowers costs and reduces operator risks. Leveraging our experience as an integrator of subsea processing systems, we have the know-how and expertise to maximize the processing of subsea fields.

ƹƵapp uniquely offers a full field approach that integrates products, installation and life-of-field service into a total offering.

Subsea Power Distribution Station

Clears the path for maximized reservoir recovery

Our new Subsea Power Distribution Station, winner of a 2020 Spotlight on New Technology Award at OTC Houston and a win in the Best EOR Technology category at the World Oil Awards 2020,simplifies field installation, step-out wells and field expansions, clearing the path for maximized reservoir recovery.

The station, which includes a subsea transformer, subsea variable speed drive (VSD), and power transmission umbilical and connectors, reduces subsea boosting costs for brownfield projects up to 60% by eliminating the need for costly topside expansion.

Capable of operating in water depths up to 3,000 meters (10,000 ft), the subsea transformer and VSD modules are based on field-proven topside products from Brazilian electrical machines and technology company .

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Saving time, providing options, protecting nature

ƹƵapp subsea processing systems add value to operating fields by:

Saving time and money

  • Accelerating production
  • Increasing recovery and extending field life
  • Reducing CAPEX on topside processing equipment and pipelines

Providing options

  • Alleviating constrained topside host capacity
  • Supporting flow management and flow assurance
  • Providing development options for challenging fields

Performance Improvement

  • Lowering the CO2 footprint
  • Enabling separation and reinjection of produced water subsea as an alternative to topside process or overboard disposal
  • Requiring lower power consumption
  • Eliminating hazards and risks from severe weather environments

Our industry-leading technology supports efforts by operators in subsea field developments to separate liquid from gas and water from oil while managing sand to increase production and improve recovery.

We have a strong track record in the commissioning of subsea separation systems and a demonstrated availability exceeding that of conventional topside projects as demonstrated in Statoil Tordis, Total Pazflor, Petrobas Congro and Corvina, Shell BC-10, Petrobas Marlim, and Shell Perdido.

Our separation technologies include:

  • Gravity-based
  • Cyclonic
  • Primary separation
  • Secondary separation
  • Final water polishing
Tab Marlim

ƹƵapp’s integrated subsea boosting improves return on investment by achieving recovery faster and enhancing production that is reliable, sustainable and economical throughout the life of the field.

As the original boosting system integrator, ƹƵapp’s solutions leverage Sulzer's field-proven pump hydraulics with our advanced high-speed permanent magnetic motor technology, subsea system design and integration experience. This provides operators with the flexibility to address a wide variety of applications even in extreme environments.

Through our exclusive partnership with Sulzer Pumps, we offer a full range of pumps, including helico-axial, multiphase, hybrid and single-phase centrifugal pumps.

Our proprietary permanent magnetic motor technology provides higher speed, efficiency and power and requires less maintenance than traditional machinery.

Tab Subsea Solution Pumping

ƹƵapp’s subsea compression systems and technology enables longer transport distances and greater production rates in aging gas fields. Our subsea gas compression solution offers a cost-effective alternative to boosting the wellstream without the use of topside production facilities. 

We offer operators flexibility and opportunities through our subsea gas compression technology to boost wellstreams to overcome friction losses and maintain good production rates for long-distance tiebacks as subsea-to-shore solutions without an offshore processing facility.

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