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Subsea Studio™

Subsea Studio™

We connect data, technology, and expertise to optimize the development, execution, and operation of current and future subsea fields.

Subsea Studio™ is our portfolio of digital solutions that increase performance, transform experience, and enable innovation. Using Subsea Studio™, we create value across the full subsea value chain- from field development optimization to digital project execution and data-driven services.

This seamless, end-to-end user experience improves economics, enhances performance, and reduces emissions.


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Transform conventional concept, FEED, and tender into ultra-fast digital field development

Project Execution

Digital Twin Boat

Increase the efficiency and speed of project execution through our data-centric approach, automation, and collaboration

Life of Field

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Digitally enabled operations and advanced data-driven services enhance performance and production targets​

Our digital vision

Increase performance – We believe that digital solutions will bring the industry’s next performance leap, driving increased efficiency and productivity.

Transform experience – Better access to information and improved workflows are fundamentally transforming the way we collaborate. We are overcoming silos by working with multi-disciplinary teams across the lifecycle and enabling sharing and connectivity with our clients, suppliers, and partners.

Enable innovation – By bringing together digital technologies and domain expertise, we are continuously improving our solutions and driving development of new products and services.

Tfmc Digital Transformation

Our digital transformation strategy is organized around three pillars

Become a data-centric company


We view data as a primary asset that enables actionable insights and faster decision-making. Data management is the backbone of our digital transformation. By building-up and populating a structured core business data model on the cloud, we are enabling the creation of a single digital thread of data models and solutions that will connect directly to our clients’ systems.

We are:

  • Accelerating and standardizing engineering through product and field configurators
  • Deploying AI in our operations to improve performance

Intelligent products and asset


We are offering hybrid solutions beyond our general offering of products, services, and projects to generate better performance for our clients.

We are:

  • Creating real-time connected assets by equipping our products with condition performance monitoring sensors and measurements
  • Developing smart visualization of our products and assets in real-time with our digital twin.

Autonomous operations

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We are integrating automation into our systems, products, and data to reduce our carbon footprint and increase efficiency and project economics.

We are:

  • Deploying robotics and additive manufacturing to improve lead time delivery
  • Accelerating our remote operations and remote inspection efforts.

Diving deeper

Digital Field Development

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Subsea Studio™ FD is an advanced digital platform that streamlines subsea field development by integrating ƹƵapp know-how to build smarter solutions. Discover how we use it to transform conventional concept, FEED and tender into ultra-fast digital field development.

LOF: Digital solutions

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Through our portfolio of digital solutions we can pivot to digitally enabled operations and advanced data-driven services, providing immediate access to relevant information that improves efficiency and quality of decisions and planning throughout the Life of Field (LOF).