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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

We will enhance our products, services and projects by augmenting our knowledge and core offering with integrated digital solutions.

Our ambition is to provide hybrid solutions which combine our traditional offering with digital. Our skills and knowledge across energy domains put us in the unique position to create a hybrid offering which will bring value to our clients and our industry.


Our purpose is to transform our Energy industry through integrated Digital solutions that will unlock the next performance leap of our industry:

Three essential pillars

When we talk about Digital Transformation, we are talking about data – how to extract it, manage it, share it and act on it as quickly and efficiently as possible. We are fostering a seamless data flow and digital thread from concept to execution and on to life of field. Our Data Strategy is the foundation of our Digital Transformation.
This strategy has three essential pillars:

  • Data Management – the objective is to structure and connect our data. We are defining data models that are shared across the company.
  • Data Platform – one place to store and transform our data, enabling us to handle it more efficiently.
  • Data Governance. – Control and trust data to efficiently interface with our customer and partner ecosystems

Developing intelligent products and assets

We are going beyond our usual offering of products, services and projects. Our hybrid solutions will generate better performance for the company and our customers. We are:

  • Equipping our products with Condition Performance Monitoring sensors and measurements to get real-time connected assets. All products will be delivered digital-ready.
  • Developing smart visualization of our products and assets in real time with our Digital Twin.
  • And ultimately driving towards improved Asset Integrity Management and predictive maintenance for our customers.

Driving towards autonomous operations

By becoming increasingly autonomous in our operations, we improve HSE, reduce our carbon footprint, and improve efficiency. We do this by:

  • Deploying robotics and additive manufacturing to improve lead time delivery.
  • Integrating automation into our systems, products and data.
  • Accelerating our remote operations and remote inspection efforts.

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