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Subsea 2.0®

Subsea 2.0®

There is a need for sustainable improvements in the way subsea projects are delivered.

This requires fundamental changes to the way we design, manage and execute.

We're industrializing our subsea business

Subsea 2.0® is an industrialized and standardized pre-engineered configurable product offering. This approach provides simplification of unique project requirements to a Configured-to-Order (CTO) flexible suite of product offerings.

Subsea 2.0® at a glance

Our Subsea 2.0® configurable product platform consists of pre-engineered products designed to provide the flexibility to accommodate customer needs and functional requirements, combining field-proven and new technologies.

Subsea 2.0® CTO program attributes include:

  • Pre-engineered standard configurations
  • Pre-approved and qualified supply chain
  • Pre-defined quality, code and surveillance requirements
  • Optimized manufacturing with dedicated capacity
  • Pre-defined and developed services

Core Subsea 2.0® products

  • Compact trees
  • Compact manifolds
  • Flexible jumpers
  • Distribution
  • Controls
  • Integrated connectors

Our Subsea 2.0® CTO product offering simplifies and standardizes critical components, products and processes.

Pivoting from bespoke Engineer to Order (ETO) solutions unique to every project to pre-engineered CTO products, we can leverage the efficiencies our execution model creates and bring value to our clients through

  • Reduced lead time
  • Optimized execution model
  • Improved predictability and reliability for delivery


Explore our Subsea 2.0® field

Combining field-proven and new technologies, Subsea 2.0® is fully commercialized and has been adopted by clients in key markets globally.

Compact manifold

Compact Manifold

Compact tree

Compact Tree

Integrated connector

Integrated Connector

Flexible jumpers

Flexible Jumpers