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iProduction™ Integrated System

iProduction™ Integrated System

The future of onshore integrated production

iProduction™ is an onshore integrated and digitalized approach to the upfront planning, design, installation and optimization of process and measurement systems from the wellhead to the point of sale.


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iProduction™ is a modern production approach that includes well pad processing, gathering lines, and central processing facilities under a single digital interface. By adopting this ecosystem, operations become more streamlined, reduce greenhouse gases emissions, reduce capital, and decrease time to first oil.

iProduction™ has a smaller footprint and lower running costs and uses modules prefabricated offsite for faster field startup and lower operating expense.


iProduction™ has four key advantages: 

  • Tank reduction
  • Equipment simplification
  • Next-generation separation 
  • iEPCI™ (integrated Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation)
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iProduction uses proprietary process technology, allowing you to eliminate tanks, decrease GHG emissions and reduce your footprint while maintaining reliability. This revolutionary approach allows operators onshore to achieve Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP) oil specifications without requiring an excess of conventional equipment.

Tank storage can constitute a large capital cost for each site. With iProduction, tanks can be eliminated from individual sites and shifted to central storage, permitting oil to cool and reducing the volume of greenhouse gas venting into the atmosphere. 

The proprietary process technology used in iProduction requires less equipment to do the same level of throughput as a traditional production site. This simplification reduces your overall footprint, capital expense and field labor hours, leading to:

  • Up to 58% footprint reduction
  • Up to 33% CapEx reduction
  • Up to 30% reduced time to first oil

iProduction™ takes separation to the next level by redesigning and applying proven offshore technologies to maximize return on capital in the onshore production space.

Our complete sand management solution replaces the traditional manual process to keep operators safe and improve productivity. Our solution has demonstrated a clear competitive advantage, safety benefits and immediate ROI from a single cleanup.

Our separation internals expertise has led us to condense the processing capacity of three separators into a single separator. The separator only requires one set of instrumentation, one set of connecting piping, one set of remote I/O, and one truck for skid delivery.

Our integrated Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation (iEPCI™) model is revolutionizing subsea projects. iProduction™ brings the same thinking to onshore production. This integrated approach has demonstrated improved field outcomes and ROI.

The iEPCI™ model within iProduction takes complex project management processes and reduces interfaces, providing a turnkey solution with a single supplier. We are the only provider to fully integrate the delivery process with people, products and services all under one roof.