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Generating hydrogen offshore by electrolyzing seawater using renewable power provides limitless energy.

Renewable energy systems often produce more energy than can be consumed at the time. Capturing this surplus energy as hydrogen and storing it for later use to produce electricity will provide stable power supply with zero emissions.

Our offshore integration abilities in production systems and umbilicals, risers, and flowlines provide the means to store hydrogen subsea for later use, and to transport it ashore.

Hydrogen | Projects and partners

Wind to power and green hydrogen

Deep Purple™ is our solution for integrating renewable energy with hydrogen to form a complete, zero-emission offshore energy system.

It can be configured to a specific energy demand and application, and includes power generation, seawater treatment, electrolysis, hydrogen storage and re-electrification. An energy management system enables its flexible operation – determining when to deliver power directly, when to use it for electrolysis, and when to turn hydrogen stored subsea into electricity.

Our unique subsea storage system provides more capacity than batteries could. Each module holds up to 12 tons of hydrogen, enough to generate 200 megawatt hours – the same as 4,000 electric car batteries.

Deep Purple™ covers two main segments that together represent a total addressable market of 6 gigawatts by 2030:

  1. Offshore green hydrogen production and subsea infrastructure for coastal applications.
  2. Off-grid energy systems, delivering renewable and stable power to traditional energy installations and remote islands.

We have engineered and procured a small-scale version of Deep Purple™ to demonstrate the system and validate our digital solution.

Find out about the Deep Purple™ Pilot.

Offshore green hydrogen production and transportation

We joined Portuguese utilities company EDP and other research partners in the BEHYOND project to develop a conceptual engineering and economic feasibility study for a standardized system for green hydrogen production from offshore wind power.

The study includes innovative integration of modular solutions for the production and conditioning of green hydrogen and infrastructure to transport it to the coast.

Offshore large-scale hydrogen storage

In Norway, we are working towards large-scale offshore hydrogen storage as part of the Hardanger Hydrogen Hub initiative.

We’re collaborating with Statkraft, one of the largest generators of renewable energy in Europe, to make this project a reality.